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Things I am thinking of putting up here:

Some info about me

I am Timothy Hinchcliffe. The nickname SpiderErrol was originally simply Spider (from 6th Form), but as every man and his dog uses that as a nickname on the internet, I added the name of my computer (Errol) to the end of it producing SpiderErrol, preserving the capitalisation where possible. As I have not found anyone else who uses this nickname, it has stuck.

Some of my favourite links

Stuff I have done

Here is something I have written, it is a parser to produce a hierarchical bookmarks type page. If you said "Eh?", they look at this.
This page can be used as a Mozilla or Netscape sidebar. Unfortunately IE appears to require ActiveX controls to do the same thing. I want to add more client-side stuff to this for speed but I have other priorities at this time.

Most of all I will be trying to ensure that my web pages work with more than 1 browser (Without providing separate web pages for each browser!)

Before you complain about the colours (or lack of) on this page

I have decided to create my site to use the colours YOU (Okay, or your browser vendor) specified in your web browser. I have chosen not to enforce my preferred colour scheme onto you.

If/when I get around to fixing and using my templating engine for this website I will be able to offer the choice of several colour schemes, including this one. Meanwhile, set up your browser to use some colours that are comfortable to you.

PS: If you have ever heard me complain about people not setting the background colour on their web pages, I am not in fact being a hypocrite - I only complain where they HAVE forced a text and/or link colour onto you, but assumed your favourite background colour is white

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